Dogs Running


WCCAC was developed out of a love for dogs and the need for more diverse widespread knowledge and integrity within the industry.  Our approach is from all aspects of dog training.  The best science and techniques blended with the unbiased view of our instructors is special and at the forefront of this school.

We are dedicated to giving students a whole picture framework from all sides and to forge artistry into dog training.  To truly understand a dog we must get out of a black and white one size fits all mentality and focus on knowledge, experience and fulfillment of the dog lining up with how the dog feels and the relationship between human and dog.

Students will have opportunities to learn everything from foundational dog training to dog sports.  WCCAC not only gives students the knowledge to succeed in the industry, we also give you direction to continue your education in the industry from the best trainers all over the world.

To continue to grow in any profession, we must continue to learn.