Frequently asked questions


How many hours of hands on training experience is needed for certification elegibility?

The requirements to meet all criteria for certification are dependant on the certification you are going for.
Please see our Courses page for individual certification requirements.

Am I guarenteed WCCAC Certification if I complete all requirements?

No, it is mandatory that all requirements are completed to WCCAC standards. We look at many aspects of the internship hands on training hours alongside course lecture understanding and test scores to determine Certification.

Do all courses come with the option to be certified?

No, not all courses will have certification so be sure to read the full class description.

Can anyone take courses?

Yes, anyone can take a course to obtain more knowledge.

Payment Options & Refunds

Are there payment options?

WCCAC takes all major credit cards. You can make payments up until class start date at which time payment is due in full. There are no refunds on deposits or payments made unless you cancel your course in writing to contact@westcoastcanineacademiccenter.com 20 days prior to class start date.

What if I can't attend after paying for my course?

We offer refunds if you cancel in writing to contact@westcoastcanineacademiccenter.com within 20 days prior to class starting.

Can I get my deposit back?

Deposits are non-refundalbe and non-transferable. They hold your seat in class which prohibits another student from leaving a deposit or paying for that seat.

Can I get a refund on my workshop?

Workshops are non-refundable at any time. We do allow you to sell your spot as long as it is done and the transfer to the new student is completed within 20 days prior to the workshop start date.
You will need to contact us in writing to contact@westcoastcanineacademiccenter.com with all the information of the new attendee. The new attendee will have had to register with us prior to you contacting us so we can transfer all information over to the new attendee.
If you have been given any materials for the workshop you must give all of the materials to the new attendee, we do not replace the materials that were given to you.


Can I get replacments of my class materials?

We do not replace any class materials for any reason.

Covid Protocol

Do I Need To Wear A Mask During The Course

At this time we requrie a mask be worn only when working in close contact with other students and Instructors. Masks do not have to be worn during lecture or when distanced. These protocol will change as statistics and guidlines change.

Courses & Workshops

What is the difference between a course and a workshop

WCCAC Courses run throughout the year and many have the option to work toward certification. Courses are also much longer than a workshop running anywhere from 4 - 12 weeks. Workshops are short, typically 2 to 4 days in length. They do not offer any type of certicication and change throughout the year. They also do not require any prerequisite to attend. They are best for those that have already been training, have finished up a foundtional school, internship or apprentiship or have completed our Foundations in Pet Dog Training Course.

Can I make up a class if I miss it?

No, we do not have make-up classes. If you already know you will be gone, let your instructor know as they can give you the homework in advance, this will make a big difference. You can also ask a fellow student for class notes and ask your fellow students in your group for class information that you may have missed.

What should I bring to the first day of class?

Please refer to your confirmation email for this information.

Can I record in my course or workshop?

No, we do not allow any audio or video recordings of any courses or workshops. We do not allow computers in class and all electronics must be silenced and put away in bags, purses or backpacks. Anyone recording will be permentaly removed from class without any refund of monies and any certification or completion they hold will be permanently removed without the possiblility of reinstatment.